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Frequently Asked Questions

Does he have to come in or can I come in by myself?

You can come in and we can start the work right away. We need one healthy person in the relationship to help the healing get started. After the first session I will recommend he attend the next one, if possible.

How much does it cost?

A 90-minute session is $75. We will cover a lot of material in each session. You will have a good grip on what’s going on after the first 90 minutes.

What if I cannot afford the $75 for each session?

We can work with you. Several people give to MAX Life Coaching to provide a scholarship fund for those who need help. Send an email to to request the scholarship. No one gets a free ride. Everyone has to pay something.

How many sessions does it take?

It depends upon how bad the damage is. Most of the time it is one very intense session together, followed up a week later and then another two or three weeks out and then even longer. The average couple will see me about 4 to 5 times for a difficult problem and then continue in small group after that.

I am having problems in other relationships besides my spouse. Can you help?

Yes, I have helped parents, brothers and sisters, employers and employees work together. Some principles are the same and some are different, but the path to healing is always the same.

Are you confidential about our conversations?

I am a pastor counselor. If you engage me in a confession, that is kept confidential between you and me. However, if you tell me you are abusing a child or a senior adult who cannot get help, then I will report you to the local authorities. If you are planning on hurting someone or hurting yourself I will make sure you get immediate help.

Will you come to speak to our group about relationships, marriage, and/or healing?

Yes and at no cost. Just send me an email at and if I am free, I will come and speak.

Will you come to our event and speak for free?

Let’s talk. If it is small and you are growing, probably. If it is large and you are charging for people to attend, then help me put bacon on my table. Either way, let’s email about it.

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